What’s to come…

It's that fleeting moment in a gardener's season when what was planted begins to burst with its' fruit.  The peppers are puny, the squash still has its bloom sprouting from the blunt end, the tomatoes are plumping up, waiting to take on a their more seductive crimson hue, and the broccoli is just beginning to peek it's head out from its crown of leaves.  Theres' not much else one could say to accurately describe the excitement this time of year brings.  Ideas begin to brew with new dinner, jam, or pickle recipes.  I'm a sucker for the classics.

It's odd, each spring brings its own dose of anxiety; with the fragile seedlings and unpredictable weather.  Yet every year, despite my fears, everything usually ends up thriving into a bounty yummy vegetables, fruits, and miracles.

So, is a tomato a vegetable or a fruit?  I once heard (and can't remember where) and appreciate the following logic:  A fruit is anything that bares a seed.  So by default, the only actual veggies I grow are the leafy things (lettuces, spinach, kale), the root veggies (carrots and turnips), and the cruciferous veggies like broccoli, cabbage, and cauliflower. Squash?  A fruit.  A pepper? A fruit.  Tomatoes?  Definitely fruit.  Fennel?  Vegetable.  Makes sense to me!

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