That Hidden Giant

It happens every year. I spend days-no weeks, eying and spying on all my plants looking for first flowers, then buds, in hope they’ll form that yummy fruit. Cucumbers are no exception. They’re great at hiding their bounty from me underneath those umbrella leaves. And then there they are. Perfect little cukes just right for the taking. And I do. Excited with that years first bounty of cucumbers, there’s nothing like a fresh cucumber. In a salad, sliced in a glass of water, or fresh with a sprinkle of salt. Excited by find, I’m re-energized in my search for more tiny baby cucumbers to keep an eye on for future picking.

Then BAM! The monster emerges. A cucumber the size of my head! Where the hell did you come from? Why haven’t I seen you sooner? I swear you formed from nothing just over night, inflated like a balloon from the recent rains. These types of cukes aren’t normally good eats. They’ve gone too seedy, as you might hear with overly large fruit and veggies. Squash and zucchini can suffer the same issue. Seeds aren’t good eats. For me, at least. My chickens, however, love them!

But don’t fret if you do find yourself with some cucumbers that have perhaps been ignored a bit too long. They’re perfect for gazpacho, that yummy and refreshing cold Spanish soup for hot summer days.

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