Sweet Riesling Pickled Radishes

My radishes did very well this year due to a cool early summer. My harvest was huge with a beautiful plump German Giant variety that I received from the Hudson Valley Seed Company. With all those radishes, I decided to try a pickling recipe I’ve been holding onto for a while: Sweet Riesling Pickled Radishes.

Delicious on their own, they’re sweet from the wine and a hint of sugar, but still maintain that distinct radish bite from being processed so fresh from harvesting. I think these will go well added in a tossed salad (use the radish greens in your next salad or soup. They taste great fresh and are hardy enough to handle being cooked) or pasta salad or topping a big juicy hamburger. And how about using that delicious brine for a one-of-a-kind vinaigrette.

You’ll see a few split radishes in photo above. That’s the my biggest issue with root vegetables. The harvest window can be a bit small. Harvest too soon and you’ll miss out on that big plump and sharp bite that the perfect radish can give. Too late and everything starts to split. Especially as in my case, when I thought giving them an extra day would have been a good idea but an unexpected rain shower caused things to plump up fast, resulting in just a handful of those split radishes. In my book though, they’re still good! Ugly veggies are still yummy veggies!

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