Herb up your salad!

Got extra herbs laying around in the fridge or growing in the garden or windowsill? Bought a bunch of parsley or cilantro for a recipe and only needed 2 tablespoons? Tired of that same old salad for lunch, but still want to eat healthy?

Spice – I mean, HERB up your salad! That’s right! I’ve got a ton of flat-leaf parsley growing in my garden right now. One of the great things about parsley is how it will just keep growing back. Harvest from the outside and new shoots of herb-licious leafs will come sprouting from the center. So now I’ve got a handful in my fridge at all times, not only to use in cooking, but I also don’t hesitate to grab a few springs, strip off just the leaves, give ’em a rough chop, and toss into my salad for lunch that day. It does amazing things to add flavor and zing to your salad.

Plus, it’s healthy as hell! You can use parsley, cilantro, oregano, thyme, basil, sage, marjoram, or whatever you want. Once you start adding fresh herbs to your salads, you will never stop!

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