The Naked Gardener Blog

A blog of my adventures living in rural upstate New York appreciating art, good books, great music, gardening and growing things, raising chickens, and making use of all that bounty!

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Hotaling Art & Design

A portfolio of my work in graphic design.

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Fine Art

My work as a fine artist.

I received my BFA in Painting and Drawing and Art History (SUNY Purchase) and an MAT in Art Education (Sage Graduate School).

My work has been shown throughout upstate New York and it's capital region.

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About Scott

Born and raised in rural upstate New York, I've always exhibited a fun and quirky love of life.  Creative from an early age and known as the eccentric artist within my circles, I just assumed I was an undiscovered genius and it was only a matter of time before everyone realized my prodigious talents.  Oh, to be naive again.

A decade after high school, living it up at college, working in galleries in Provincetown and New York, graduate school, and a modest showing of my art, I returned home and settled down with a BFA in Painting and Drawing (SUNY Purchase) and an MAT in Art Education (Sage Graduate School) under one arm and boat load of stories, experiences, friendships, and a ton of artwork under the other arm.

Now employed full-time as a graphic designer in a comfy 9-5'er and taking on some freelance work in my spare time, I spend my days getting wild in my raised-bed garden trying to tame the mint and talk the asparagus through their teen angst.  I'm beyond grateful for my humble parcel of land and my family with whom I get to share it.